International CoLab



the venue


Join an international group of Passionate People willing to Make a Difference

Experience living together in a sustainable way with like minded/hearted people. Conversations to Re-define the way we think about the world.

We will be holding the space for paradox and complexity. Transforming destructive tensions into creative polarities. Building bridges between apparent irreconcilable worlds.

Reflections on  what it means to be human in this moment of history Help to rethink, reimagine, redesign and  rebuild new systems. Inspired by Nature, powered by passionate people, and guided by imagination.

Some of the tools we will be using:

Biomimicry: Looking for patterns in nature to inform how we could organize

Art of Hosting: 

Let’s collaborate

What we will do

We will be experiencing living together in a collaborative yet independent way. We will have time for our own space both for working or personal introspection and work. Also we will have some hours of community work (cooking, gardening, milking, etc…) and time together to share. Many informal spaces to connect with each other. There will be facilitated spaces by professional facilitators just to hold the space. And mainly a lot of co creation.

who is this for

For curious seekers of truth, permaculture designers, system thinkers, village builders, group facilitators, creative artists, makers, ecology activists, social workers, Shambala Warriors, integral thinkers, conscious people in general interested in community living.

when can i go

From the 25th July to the 20th September any moment with a minimum staying period of two full weeks (half a moon cycle)

We will have two full moon cycles in total (28days) 4 full weeks. Processes will have a week structure so you can join any monday during this period. The agenda is very open but we will dedicate the first moon cycle mostly to the dreaming stage and the second to Planning concrete actions.

In beautiful Tarifa

cadiz (Spain)

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