holding the space for meaningful conversations

The Art of hosting

  • We will hod the space to harness the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of the group.
  • Conversations are the best place to learn, exchange ideas, offer resources and create innovation together. 

We will be be using tool like the Circle, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, ProAction Café, storytelling, theatre, visual thinking and other things that the group will propose.

We will create a safe space to show our vulnerability. To be able to question our own beliefs and explore other people’s perspectives.

A generative conversation produces new sources of value which cannot be foreseen in advance, that emerges in the moment from what everyone involved is putting in the pot.

But facilitating a conversation is not just a technique but mainly a mindset an attitude towards relationships. There are different kinds or stages of conversation.


KIND OF CONVERSATIONS: from ideation to action. Materializing Bits to Atoms. From abstract to concrete.

Contemplative: are sourced in curiosity and imagination and are not or should not be confined by our cultural norms and inhibitions. Exploring new ideas.

Speculative: are those that advance beyond curiosity to explore new possibilities. Speculative Conversations are about exploring the new insights that have emerged from the new ideas.

Shifting:  are those that move us from contemplation and speculation to the identification or articulation of new and actionable pathways.  The shifting conversation works to overcome resistance and blind spots which may resurface as people get closer to actually having to act on new ideas and insights. This stage of generative conversation should result in some new commitments by people or teams to move to action.

Action-inducing: are all about reaching agreements to implement something new. The product is more than a plan. I tend to call it “organized inspiration” that participants rally around and negotiate roles, accountabilities, and clear conditions of success.

Join us in this journey

If you still need more information or not sure if you fit in this gathering please contact us and let’s explore it together. If you do not know anybody in the team please tell us a bit about you and your motivation for coming.

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