Whole Systems Designer



Designing win win relationships


«the intentional organization of the relationships between parts in a system.»

With that holistic definition you can design an organization, an event, a logo, a website, a garden, a house, a facilitation process, etc…

I am interested in applied metaphysics. How understanding the underlaying principles of the universe we can use them to design and transform our reality. 

Using those principles I have been developing my methodology FlowInOut for the past 25 years. And applying it in personal development, teams and organizations.


So, you want to know who I am? So did I!
For many years I struggle with that question. But at this point of my life I am in peace with it. I accepted I do not know and I might never know. For many different reasons. First is a matter of boundaries. Johnny do not start or finnish anywhere nor anywhen. Second is a matter of dimensions. Third is a matter of recurency
I do think and dream in both English and Spanish. So I write and express myself in both you will find them mixed in this website. I do express my creativity through many different channels (paint, design, construct, gardening, dance, music, speak, write, video…)
this Website is chaotic as a reflection of who and how I am. I feel at ease in chaotic environments, and therefore I tend to cocreate them. I have to admit that Nature normally helps me a lot to achieve this environments, since the so called second law of thermodynamics is quite present (even though not as universally present as described by most scientists ;-) more on that somewhere else).

“The love of complexity without reductionism makes art; the love of complexity with reductionism makes science.”

I have a love/hate relationship both with art and reductionist materialistic science. I love complexity. So I love good non reductionist science and think that changing the way we see this might be the key for a systemic paradigm change.

I apply metaphysics design principles inspired in the Kybalion laws of ancient civilizations to understand living organizations. 

Holistic designer

Multidisciplinary creative approach. From graphic design to permaculture. From organizational design to project incubation. Applying the ancient hermetic principles to design in modern life. 

Group facilitator

Helping groups to flow. I use many social technologies and participative tools to connect with collective intelligence and increase creativity through inquiry, emotional management, dynamic governance, celebration & connection


Ecovillage builder. Specialized in project incubation. With experience in ecology, social, economy, and world vision dimensions.


Communication, online or offline. Many different subjects. Ecovillages, alternative economic systems, Visual Thinking, Permaculture, Applied Metaphysics…