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about me

I am an hollistic designer.
20+ year´s experienced, consultant, trainer & facilitator with companies and non profit organizations.

I developed my own holistic methodology Flowinout tested for over 15 years among other whole system tools such as Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming, Design Thinking, Effective communication (NVC), U Theory, Visual Thinking, Graphic Facilitation, Mindfulness and many others.

Co-founder of several business and non for profit projects.

I design taylor made deep transformational personal & organizational learning journeys.

My work is oriented and designed with an integral body/mind/spirit approach.

I am values driven and fully committed to contribute to the development of the human and other than human community in Gaia.

I am a fluent communicator both verbally (in Spanish and English) and visually (I worked professionally more than 20 years as creative director and graphic designer)

I am looking for collaborations as consultant/facilitator/trainer with organizations in the human development/social wellbeing sector that share values and world vision.

Call me if you (or your organization) are willing to evolve towards a more purposeful and conscious life.