Systemic tools
for a regenarative world


holistic methodology

We need new ways to think in order to be able to reinvent a future together.
FlowInOut methodology offers an integral, innovative, very simple yet deep and holistic perspective. Aplicable in any scale from personal growth to organizations and even for rethinking our whole civilization.


About the methodology



The universe is structure in an holarchic way, everything is made out of parts and is a part of some bigger whole.

Atoms & bits

there is gradient of material density from a mere idea to an apparently dense atom


there is an energy flow of causality between this different realms


most of these flows are unconscious but we can become aware of more if we have a framework to observe.

Nature is our main source of learning

come with me for a reconnection retreat


Areas of interest

I consider myself a metadisciplinary philosopher. I explore nature with a very holistic approach, here are some of my areas of study, research and action.


How to rethink in a radical way our economic system as a whole. Managing our resources to satisfy the needs of all beings.


How to integrate all the holarchic levels in an harmonious way. With Glocal systemic solutions

group dynamics

I am passionate about groups of people and tools for increasing collaboration, creativity and collective intelligence.

cycles & rituals

Your life is unique and it follows patterns that are universal. Let’s become conscious and celebrate those rhythms.

food systems

Growing organic food for more than 15 years. Reflexitarianism. The fork is the most powerful weapon to save the planet.

Upcomming Events



International Regeneration CoLab 1

Would you like to live the experience of living in community with other co creators for a moon cycle? Like minded/hearted people, amazing nature, an all infrastructure to live together in a community with 16 years of history.    More Details



International Regeneration CoLab 2

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Organizations we worked with

I do most of my work volunteering for non-profit organizations, and most of my workshops on conscious economy. If you received value from me in form of lecture, workshop, consultation, or just you found valuable ideas in this website and/or you just feel that what I am sharing and doing is valuable for you or the world, you can support me in many ways: by giving me feedback, by sharing my work, by talking about me to other organizations, even sending me some money.

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